Take control of your platform with the bpsNode Cloud!

We understand your applications need an ‘always-on’ and secure solution, with built-in security to maintain compliance for your own peace of mind.

High Powered Computing
Our high performance & high availability hypervisor clusters feature the latest Intel processors utilizing KVM virtualization to ensure ultra-fast compute performance. The bpsCloud was designed to deliver ultimate processing power for workload-intensive applications.

Power of Flexibility
The OpenNebula cloud orchestration platform provides complete control with an intuitive easy to use UI for management of Virtual Data Centers. Experience total elasticity with the ability to re-size servers almost instantly. New deployments are a snap using preexisting templates to quickly spin-up Linux, Windows Server, BSD, or Solaris servers in seconds.

Security & Protection
Our 360 degree monitoring services provide peace of mind from the infrastructure level to the application layer. Advanced Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), coupled with inline DDoS protection ensures the highest level of availability of your infrastructure and safety for your critical data.

Storage Area Network
Our Storage Area Networks (SANs) feature Software Defined Storage (including compression and deduplication), and RAM & SSD caching technologies to ensure that your applications receive the highest level of performance and disk I/O.
Secure Data Replication
Utilizing encrypted continuous data replication to backup customer data across multiple sites (via private layer 2 interconnections) provides a safe, multi-site data protection solution for D/R, while maintaining compliance with the most stringent data integrity regulations such as HIPPA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FISMA.
Managed Services
Our suite of Managed Services includes maintenance & monitoring, help desk, and critical response components, as well as migration assistance, capacity & resource planning, architecture design, and live deployment support. The heart of the bpsCloud is our “White-Glove” Managed Services provided to each client.